Nobody’s perfect, life is forgiving

Lariat Editorial Board

Perfection only occurs in fairytales. Nobody is happy all of the time. That perfect cheerleader from your high school could very well end up being a drug addict. That family that you secretly wish was yours may have been a cult. The point is that life is not hell for one person and heaven for the next. Everyone has his or her hurdles to overcome. Your life is not the only life that suffers at times. We at the Lariat support you.

We support the one who failed their math test because they were too caught up watching “House; MD” to study. We support the one who gained eight pounds in a week after a terrible breakup. We support the one who secretly loves their best friend, but didn’t have the guts to tell them until that friend got engaged. We support the one who got fired for making a personal call on their work line, the one who argues when they know they’re wrong, and the one who tells white lies in order to make their story more interesting. We support the one who can’t be cured, who doesn’t have faith, who cries over everything, and the one who was too scared to try.

We encourage fear to overwhelm you. We pray for you to be put in impossible situations. We want you to live. Life is not about winning or losing, and it’s not about who has the best body, the prettiest hair or the biggest house. Life is about making choices, even when you pick the wrong one. It’s about getting caught in the middle of a lie, about kissing a billion frogs before you get to your prince or princess. In life, there is rarely an easy way out. There will be times when you want to give up, and that’s okay.You will feel helpless some days. Being sad is not a crime. It’s not frowned upon to make a million mistakes and not learn from a single one. You might have your heart broken by the one person your friends warned you about.

The Lariat is forgiving, just like life is. We don’t judge you for skipping class on the day that you were supposed to show your half-assed project to the entire class, and neither does life. There are no short cuts, there is no easy way out, and there will be times where you just don’t have the energy to put any effort in anything. But have faith that whether you win or lose, we at the Lariat will always support you.

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