No.1 resolution is still to lose weight

Shannon patrick and William Bridgeford

It’s a new year, which means new resolutions are being made. Not surprisingly, losing weight is this year’s top resolution. Most people are not happy with their weight. The problem is that the process of losing the weight is similar to gaining the weight. Just as it took weeks, months or years to gain it, it takes weeks, months or years to lose it.

“A lot of people I know who do weight loss for their resolution start out good, but when they don’t get their results, they quit,” said Kathleen Lally, 21.

Every January, tens of thousands of Americans set out to lose weight. For the first few weeks or months, they adhere to their resolution, but for the most part, the resolution doesn’t holdThe reasons they give are many: no time to get to the gym, the works schedule isn’t conducive to eating healthily or I just have no discipline.

What it really boils down to is that most people don’t realize that the fundamental basis of success is undertaking and maintaining the necessary behavior modification.

It may be tempting to take the easy way out and use diet pills. However, they may have unpleasant and unwelcome side effects. Many people also consider fad diets, but these can also have dangerous effects because they usually deprive the body of vital nutrients.

And, while immediate results may be seen, the probabilities are greater than 90 percent that, as soon as you cease taking the pills or go off of the diet, you will regain all of the weight you lost.

Even structured diet programs such as Jennie Craig or NutriSystem have their critics.

“I think more people would use diet pills because they seem easier and less expensive than using Jenny Craig or NutriSystem or something like that,” Lally said.

The healthiest way to lose weight is by regularly exercising and eating balanced meals.

One of the biggest shows on television, literally, is the ‘Biggest Loser’. Contestants are going about weight loss the healthy way. There is no plastic surgery or any diet pills. Each of the players is given a hardcore trainer and only healthy foods during their time spent on the campus.

Many Americans watch the show as personal motivation for weight loss.

You too can succeed without the extravagance of a television show if you follow a few simple guidelines:We have become a nation where yearly, an increasing percentage of adults and children are considered obese.

Obesity-related diseases in youngsters and young adults are on the rise.

Reversing these trends starts with one-self.

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