No more singing in the rain

Joseph Espiritu

Southern California is so synonymous with warm and sunny weather that when rain comes pouring down, drivers tend to freak out.

Last Thursday during my commute to school, it started to drizzle. Almost instantly, I saw endless headlights turn on along with windshield wipers on a semi-fast intermittent setting. Just the thought of sharing the road with these drivers is scary enough, but to be actually surrounded by these drivers piloting their monstrous SUVs while stopped at an intersection is genuinely unnerving.

As luck would have it, the rain became harder just as the light at the intersection turned green. The person to my right, lacking proper throttle control, drove away with spinning tires. Luckily, modern automobile technology took over and corrected the driver’s error, but what if this type of technology was nonexistent? Would the majority of us be brave enough to venture out when the weather turns south, and have to share the roads with these drivers? On the other hand, maybe it would simply keep these drivers off the road. Electronic stability control is good, but the combination of inclement weather and people who rely on these devices to get home safely is just plain dangerous.

Blend this scenario with cell phones and fast food joints that further impair these drivers’ concentration, and we have just brewed ourselves an accident waiting to happen.

So if you must drive around Orange County on a rainy day, be defensive, but more importantly, remember to put on your sunglasses. It makes you look good.

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