New York artists will have their first west coast art show in Saddleback

Segmented Tree (Ron Lent)

Anibal Santos

Last Tuesday, Feb 19th at 5 p.m. the Saddleback Art Gallery hosted Case Studies, the first Southern Californian exhibition from New York-based artists Ron Lent and Ethan Cornell.  

The Artist’s Reception was held in the gallery with appearances from both artists.

Lent and Cornell both have extensive backgrounds in advertising as Graphic Illustrators, but the work that was exhibited in Case Studies is drawn from their travels and everyday observations. 

Through a phone interview both artists spoke with the Lariat about their careers and the meaning behind their artwork.

Lent describes his work as his attempt at re-interpreting reality. Everyday observations have led him to question the design of everyday objects we encounter. He works in black and white ink to produce simple high contrast patterned designs that echo everyday objects and situations.

Lent is the son of painter Ron Lent Sr., and credits him and his grandfather for exposing him to the arts at an early age.

“I’ve always been around art. The world for me has always been a very visual place,” Lent said. “I’m always drawing on the road. I’ve always done that. Everything around me I felt needed to be re-interpreted.”

Both artists have distinctive aesthetics, but both share an overlap in the meanings and intent of their art.

“Our drawings share an overlap and strands of the same kind of DNA, but our thoughts and executions are different,” Cornell said.

Cornell said he is inspired by science and the methodical process of doing things.

The works of Cornell feature color and more fluid organic line work as opposed to Lent’s black and white geometric line art.

When asked, “What do you hope for the viewer to get out of viewing the artwork?” 

Cornell responded by saying,”If people walk away from the show feeling inspired or wanting to go out and draw then we know that the show was a success.”

The Artists’ Reception was Tuesday, Feb. 19 from 5p.m. to 8 p.m..

The exhibition began on Feb. 20 and will run until Mar. 14.

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