New seasons create new fashion trends

Fall trends 2012 (Mayla Lohnes)

Mayla Lohnes

All around Saddleback College students are expressing themselves in the form of fashion, and with the fall season slowly approaching, students are more likely to be seen in comfy sweaters and lace-up boots, or even the new statement shoes called creepers.
“I try to just be myself and be different,” Saddleback College student Colin Radcliffe said.
Rather than following what the latest trend in fashion is, Radcliffe chooses to step away from that and create a look that is true to him. During the colder weather, he likes to “bundle up in ‘ugly’ sweaters” and when it is much warmer than it has been, Radcliffe goes for the “beachy vibe in tank tops and board shorts.”
One fashion statement you can be sure to see on Colin Radcliffe, if you spot him walking across campus, is mismatched socks.
“I love bright colors,” Radcliffe said, “my socks are always bright and never match!”
Music is also heavily influenced in the way Radcliffe dresses, who claims to listen to the indie rock group Mumford & Sons.
“If I had to choose someone, it would be the actor Tom Hardy, in the movie Lawless,” Radcliff said on his fashion inspiration.
Radcliffe chooses to shop at trendy stores, such as H&M, Forever21, and Urban Outfitters, but he also enjoys local thrift shops which include Goodwill, Army Salvation, and his favorite, Buffalo Exchange.
Another fashion enthusiast at Saddleback College shares her love for fashion.
 “I love the cold weather because it gives me a chance to pair an everyday summer dress with leggings and boots,” Yvonne Helm said.
 “My style for this particular outfit was inspired by the magazine I read, called Nylon. She adds, “A model [in the magazine] has on a wine-colored dress similar to the one I am wearing.” Helm added.
Yvonne Helm, fashion merchandising major, enjoys dressing up no matter the occasion. One of Helm’s inspirational people is the writer Oscar Wilde, who said that “You can never be over dressed or over educated.”
Music is another factor that plays into Helm’s inspirations for putting together her outfits. “I listen to a lot of Lana Del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds,” Helm said and adding “The artists play unique and quirky music, which helps bring out my creativity.”
One fashion item Helm cannot go without are her cowgirl boots.
“Whenever I feel like an outfit is incomplete, I throw on my cowgirl boots” Helm said, “they are basic and go with just about everything.”
Helm’s statements for this fall season are scarves, boots, and coats.
“This season, I really want to try the fur trend … not real of course!”
Helm’s go-to places to shop are Buffalo Exchange and Wasteland located in San Francisco, as well as the online website
Helm adds, “I think it’s important for everyone to dress the way they want to dress, because outfits are artistic and our own unique creations.”
This season, look out for the latest trends to follow, or perhaps create a unique look that expresses your personality and uniqueness, such as the two students Yvonne Helm and Colin Radcliffe have done here at Saddleback College.

FAll trends 2012 (Mayla Lohnes)

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