New clubs rush to increase membership

Katie Mastro

A few finely decorated tables were huddled close together in the Village Quad, advertising a wide variety of clubs available at Saddleback College. Club Rush started about a quarter before 11 a.m. on Nov. 6.

Many clubs received a lot of eager students interested in joining their club.

“I was there enjoying the festivities, promoting new membership, and basically having a great time,” said Alpha Gamma Sigma representative, Stephanie Hair, 19, sociology. “I want to say [we got] at least 20 members to sign at Club Rush.”Some clubs offered performances during the rush, to draw interest in their clubs.

The Polynesian dance club entertained with dances including one with a fire baton and live music on drums. Other clubs salsa danced or performed a unique bamboo pole dance, which consisted of two men on the ground keeping a beat with the poles while the women of the Philippino club did a dance in and around the poles.

Music blasting while hot dogs were offered, many students stopped by just to see what the commotion was about.

Some newly fashioned clubs benefited the most from this Club Rush because they had not been constructed for the previous one that occurred earlier this semester.

Some, like the Democrat Club, informed passing students of their next event or meeting.

“We got two pages worth of signatures at Club Rush,” said Democrat Club representative, Sean Godlewski, 20, political science. “We are having an Iraqi War discussion and meeting in the Village on Nov. 14.”

Though not all clubs were represented at the Club Rush, events like this one provide different limbs of the student body a glimpse of extracurricular activities that they can get involved in on campus. Since the earlier Club Rush premiered on a Wednesday and this one premiered on a Thursday, they collectively educate more students.

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