New Art Exhibition Confirmed

Anibal Santos-Maldonado


At least six artists have been confirmed for the upcoming exhibition,Horizons. The show will open on November 29th in the Saddleback College Art Gallery.


The show will feature six local southern Californian artists. These names include: Paul Bond, Deborah Davidson, Rick Delenty, Robin Hall, Mark Jacobucci and Lee Munsel.


The show will feature the theme of the horizon line found in landscape painting.


“All works on display will have a horizon line in, it’s composition, but differ with the mediums and techniques used. Horizons in general give off a calm and peaceful feeling but that can easily be altered by the approach used by the artist on the canvas,” says Gallery Curator Bob Rickerson.


The show is set to open on November 29 in the Saddleback College Art Gallery.

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