Money for college, please

Has anyone realized how hard it is to get money for school these days? It’s especially hard if your parents make too much money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful about my lifestyle.

However, recently my parents informed me that they don’t know how they are going to pay for mine and my sister’s college.

To make the situation evenworse they added that since I had already attended another private school before Saddleback, any money they could scrounge up for college funds would go to my sister first.

This was a horrifying discovery. How can we get money for college? We live in Coto de Caza. No one in their right mind would give money to people living in Coto. I can apply for financial aid, but I most likely won’t get it because my parents’ annual salary is too high.

What the financial aid office doesn’t consider is our expenses. Since we live in such an expensive community, probably too much money goes into paying for our house. My parents are both state employees for crying out loud! Another thing they don’t consider is that my parents are going to have to pay for my sister’s college education. That in addition to food, utilites, gas and maintenance on four cars, cell phone bills, etc. makes it harder to save.

Not to mention most of the parent’s extra cash needs to go to their retirement fund, since they plan on retiring in a few years. So how am I supposed to get help with college funds? I am a white girl living in southern Orange County majoring in communications.

Maybe they offer scholarships for people who have a really impacted major and want to attend a really impacted school. How are you supposed to get a scholarship when you are so average? Usually scholarships go to the people who are different or accomplish a great feat.

I guess I will just go back to my old method of making money. Hand me a pitcher and a lemon, I’m starting a lemonade stand.

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