Monetary greed taints professional sports

Jessica Seftel

They are the stars of tomorrow, the privileged, the talented and driven few. However, for every person who makes it to the big leagues either professionally or through college, there are thousands more who never cash in. The ridiculous nature of money in sports has reached the point that a multimillion-dollar contract or scholarship to an athlete seems to no longer fuel the building of character or true passion.

Professionally, athletes are making too much money in a society where salaries are based on the value of one’s work. Sports should be played for fun and entertainment for those who watch from the sidelines. It’s one thing for an athlete to feel pressure to do their best and motivate fans around the world.

Unfortunately, more are being distracted by the empire builders’ concerns about business. The stakes are higher, and team owner’s eyes stay glued to the contract. They make tickets more costly, hide their financial numbers, and reach into the public’s wallet at every opportunity. The relationship between fans and players has become hostile over time because of increased salaries and acts of greed.

Recently, colleges have been using the media to gain attention around their sports. It’s been a big-money dance that takes place this time every year. Athletic spending is growing as academic funds dry up. Sure, it’s important to hire a good coach for a team and be able to work with the newest equipment, but althletic budgets begin to rise while others such as health and education suffer. Then too, many young athletes are putting themselves at risk by leaving higher education early, hoping to make it big. Still, universities continue the inappproriate desire to maintain the benefits of a winning season.

All of us know that sports take a tremendous number of hours of hard work and dedication every day. However, the loss of character and education in these athletes reminds us of how money is ruining the game.

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