Minus the Bear visits the Glass House

Minus the Bear performing at the Glass House in Pomona on Thursday Nov. 3. (Photo by Cassie Rossel)

Cassie Rossel

Progressive-alternative band, Minus the Bear, brought its 10-Year Anniversary Tour to the Glass House in Pomona last Thursday.

Fans from all over Southern California showed up to pay tribute to the band who has provided them with 10 years of great music.

Minus the Bear is not a mainstream band, but it has gained a large following within the underground scenes of major cities all across the country, particularly the west coast.

The night began when the opening act, The Lonely Forest, took the stage.

At first, the crowd did not seem to pay much attention to the band, but after playing the first couple of songs The Lonely Forest managed to draw in even the most devoted Minus the Bear fan.

Although it is rare that the opening band ever becomes a memorable part of a show, The Lonely Forest managed to break the mold. This band is definitely one to watch.

After two hours of waiting, the five men of Minus the Bear paraded onto the platform accompanied by an array of strobe lights and lasers.

The crowd closed in on the stage as the band began to strum the first guitar chords of the set.

Tracks off the group’s latest album, “Omni” unfortunately took over the majority of the night’s set list. Although the band seemed to have fulfilled the crowd’s desires with the songs that were chosen to be played, the set list was lacking some much desired old material.

One rendition of a song off of “Omni” that stood out among the rest of the night’s performances was “Excuses.” Lead singer, Jake Snider’s edgy vocals along with the echoes of keyboard player Alex Rose fit together perfectly to provide a definite highlight of the evening.

Other highlights included the performances of Minus the Bear’s most popular tracks, “Knights” and “Pachuca Sunrise.”

A noticeable element that comes along when watching Minus the Bear in a live setting is the cohesiveness and chemistry each member has with one another. This is what makes the group such a great live act to watch.

The Seattle based band is best known for its stunning live shows, which puts to shame the studio recordings of each track. Based on the performance alone, Minus the Bear stayed true to its reputation.

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