Metro Vampires vs. Dracula

Evelyn Caicedo


Before the Twilight saga book came out in 2005, vampires used to be eerie-immortal creatures of the night. When Stephanie Meyer authored the award-winning book, it had changed the perspective for all who read her saga as different.

Vampires are now seen as gorgeous, mesmerizing beings that attract their meals by their beautiful appearance and alluring scent, when in fact they are fictitious and life threatening.

This trend has sent every teen into a crazy mob of vampire lovers. That simply just seems naïve and childish. I myself have read all the books and enjoyed them all but still found that Meyer’s definition of a vampire is skewed.

To be fantasizing of vampires and wanting one to fall in love with myself seems silly, and, well, very dangerous. After the saga, the mayhem had continued to escalate into new TV shows like “Vampire Diaries” and “True Blood,” both have the same characteristics that Meyer’s illustrated.

By no means am I underestimating Meyer as a writer, I’m simply stating that to have a vampire lover frenzy after her movies came out appears to be strange. Also it made me wonder if the boy-crazy teens were really enjoying the vampires or did they just like the very attractive actors that portrayed them.

On the other hand, I have grown to love her perspective of vampires. I love the way she created a different perspective of a vampire. In the original movie “Dracula,” he was portrayed as a man that frightened others and only came out in the dark. He sucked the blood of humans and turned into a bat. That position of vampires went on for many years, with no one being brave enough to change the outlook.

Meyer took a spin and made her characters vegetarian (sucking the blood from animals) and making the vampires able to go out in the sun with the effect of their sparkling skin

In all, I admire Stephanie Meyer as a creative writer, but if you are looking for a true vampire then I recommend watching “Dracula.” For one who prefers the other perspective of the non-blooding sucking, sparkling hot guy, then the Twilight series would be the way to go.

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