McKinney Theater will premier two Reader’s Theaters this Friday!

Lucas Ochea will be directing Bellicose in the McKinney Theater. (Anibal Santos)

Anibal Santos

The Speech Communication Department will present the Speech and Debate Showcase & Fundraiser this Friday Mar. 8 at 5 pm in the McKinney Theater.


Instructor/Forensics Coach Lucas Ochea and Speech Instructor/Forensics Co-Director Larry Radden will present two Reader’s Theaters.


Radden’s show will feature students: Jackson Lee Spencer, Olivia Noseda and Dennis Medor


Ochea’s show will feature: Cecilia Melody, Carolina Beyer-Flores, Solana Price and Melissa Armstrong.


Radden’s group will present In the Mouth of the Lion and Ochea’s group will present Bellicose.


What your about to see this Friday is something really special and unique,” said Ochea “Your going to be seeing two Reader’s Theaters. And what the concept basically behind these Reader’s Theaters is that Larry Radden and myself will each direct a show, and it involves a cast of three to 4 cast members on a central theme.


Radden’s theme will focus on worker disability and compensation and Ochea’s central theme will be about female gang members.  


“So what will happen is these women and gentlemen will go up and perform these 25 minute plays,” he said. “What goes into the actual show is a multitude of things: it involves blocking, singing and different selections of literature to compose a cohesive theme.”


After the Reader’s Theater the coaches plan to take the Reader’s Theaters to the state and national championship.


“Hopefully we will try to garner some awards,” he said. “Reader’s Theater are one of the most difficult events to coach it’s also the one that gets the most points, but above all your going to be seeing the unveiling of two shows. You can call it a world premier.”   


As for the cast members, Ochea comments that they are excited to be participating in the Debate Showcase.


“A lot of people are looking forward to this show. Many are excited about this Friday, It’s going to be a good time for all,” he said.


Tickets are $7 at the front door of the McKinney Theater.

For additional info click on the bottom link:

Speech and Communication Dept.

The audience will see two special plays on stage in the McKinney Theater. (Anibal Santos)

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