Maze of Horrors

Steven Jung

     The Events Cabinet has already begun planning October’s festivities as they have a club rush on the day of Halloween that will feature a maze.

     The cabinet is collaborating this maze with IVC as well as our own school and will have this activity open Oct. 31 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event is already set in stone the only details that remain are where will this maze be and how exactly will the clubs from club rush operate during the maze.

     One idea the cabinet had is put all of the clubs at the end of the maze so people don’t get too confused being scared by people in costumes while at the same time being recruited for clubs.

     They are considering either making the maze in the quad area or possibly in the SSC building.

     They also discussed Homecoming and the blood drive because they wanted to go over how they operated the events to be able to better operate future ones.

     They decided to make both a pros and cons list to discussed what worked and what did not. The cabinet felt the blood drive had a lot of people, and the arrows they used to direct people where to go worked.

     The cabinet felt there could have been an improvement on the publicity during the day of the event. They felt that not enough students knew what was going on during the day of the event. The way the organization also had seating for the patients might have confused those that were giving blood as well.

     The Chair of Events Cabinet, Asal Bahrami, felt that homecoming could have had many improvements.

     She felt that planning of where tables would go went well but it did not coheres with where the set up was. The tables were arranged according to the cabinet’s plans but the tables were in a muddy grass area.

     Another suggestion how to run things better was setting up the ASB (Gaucho) stamp table in front of the table where people would buy tickets. They all agreed as well that another way to make it more enjoyable was to add music.

     Some of the cons of how the event played out though were some activities had no staff. Bahrami also felt there were not enough trash and recycle bins available to handle the waste needs.

     After the event when clean up needed to take place there were also rented equipment that belongs to the school just lying around such as a megaphone.

     The cabinet felt the homecoming needed the most improvements and that getting the clubs involved is a good way of improving both the fun and activities.

     The cabinet also discussed of events for students that could be October related activities like a pumpkin carving contest or a scary movie night.

     Scary movie night was prompted by Moonlight Movie Night on Oct. 25th at 7 p.m. The school will be showing Seth MacFarlane’s movie “Ted.”

     The only events already taking place are Moonlight Movie Night and club rush Halloween maze with IVC. The other events are just ideas of things to come for this month of school activities.

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