Math & Sciences building and an Iguana named Spicy

Spicy getting a rubdown (Shivan Cespedes)

Shivan Cespedes

Tom Burrows, the Senior Laboratory Technician for the Biology department gives “Spicy,” the in-hot-house iguana, a rub down as he talks about his popular department. 
“Twenty-five percent of the students who try to get into the biology department don’t.  One-third of all applicants to the program go into nursing which is what makes it so in demand. 
There are just not enough seats,” Burrows states. “It’s a strong, vibrant program and with a Biology degree one can do anything.” 
Burrows has held his position for 25 years and the hot house has been there since 1974. 
The hot house lays idle as classes begin, but will start to get more use as students formulate their projects for their classes. 
The hot house is located beneath the white bubble top roofing in the Math & Sciences division.         

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