Man-pigs: real women require respect

Sarah Komisky

It’s an experience that every woman faces, the moment called being “hit on.” There’s always two reactions, you can flirt back, or be annoyed. I have always been the latter.

In high school, when friends would giggle and flirt with guys they would meet at the beach, I rolled my eyes and shook my head because my friends would fall for a typical loser who merely looked for a “good time.” When the guys would try to work their charm on me, I felt completely awkward. I ignored them altogether making it known I wasn’t interested. I was then ridiculed by my friends for being “mean” and then labeled by the guy as the “B” in the group for frankly not being that easy.

Not that I was okay with being called this, but it felt good to say that I had a little more integrity then my peers who would open their heart to a guy only to never hear from him again. For me, a relationship meant something more than a physical appearance or a flirty fling; it meant truly loving someone unconditionally and that was something I was willing to wait for.

As I got into college, quiet reading moments and lunch breaks turned into unexpected moments of, “Hey is that a good book?” or “Is it okay if I eat here too?” These were the moments I dreaded.

It has always intrigued me the way men think they can approach women. It’s always the classic cocky guy who uses cheesy pickup lines to open the door of conversation and get a smile. Then there is the invasion of personal space by sitting next to you or asking you out. At this point there is relief to tell the guy that your taken but if not, you’re pretty much fumbling the corners of your mind to find a way to say no without totally destroying the guy.

There is something about being hit on that always makes me feel like a piece of meat. What has given males the mentality that it’s okay to honk at a girl while she’s crossing the street and scream at her through the car window? Who gives men the right to stare at a women in a lustful manner that cheapens who she is? If guys think that’s attracting girls, it’s time to think again.

It is simply unfair that a girl who is by herself or with a group of friends becomes easy prey for a guy. This never happens with a guy. He never worries that a women might try to pick up on him. He waits to make his move. Or what about the older man who offers up a playful wink?

On the flip side, I don’t understand why some girls like this. Yes, it would be a lie to say it isn’t flattering, but look at the source. Women have become delusional in thinking that the guy who picks up on them really likes them for who they are. While women become wrapped up in romantic ideas of love, his intentions are not so.

She fails to see how she appears to the guy. As she laughs and flirts back, he thinks, “easy target.” Women have the desire to be loved and some have tried to find this in the first guy who hits on them. Let me say that is not true love.

Women, don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Settle for someone who is truly going to care for you and respect you. Men, you too should also follow this creed and try a genuine conversation instead of a pickup line.

You’ll find that getting to know who they are is what will attract them most, because not all women like being hit on.

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