Mac vs. PC: will it ever end?

Jessica Osiecki

The battle between Mac and PCs have been raging since the late 1970s, and Mac and PC users have been butting heads as to which computer is better.

I happen to be a student at Saddleback College that happens to use both PC and Macs. Since I have a PC computer and my mom uses a Mac, I have a minimal amount of experience in both.

To be honest, it’s really annoying that this argument has been going on since the ‘70s. It’s a never ending cycle that just keeps going on and on forever.

Mac commercials are always portraying PCs as really slow computers that when you put a lot of stuff on it, you have to wait a long time before the computer starts slowing down.

Well, I hate to say this Apple, but PCs aren’t the only computers that end up going slow from time to time. I mean, the download speed when it comes to downloading iTunes or updating the new software is really slow and can be very annoying.

I like both Mac’s and PCs, but when it comes to the price, PC is the best. This is because Macs version of the laptop, which is called the Macbook and the desktop computers for Mac can set people back thousands of dollars, while the PC desktop and laptop computers are around rank around $500 or $600.

Seriously, is Apple trying to take money out of a consumer’s pocket, like a leech sucking blood from human being?

Mac computers are especially bad when it comes to the different types of computers they have. Apple only produces Macs in nine basic models while PCs have an unlimited variety of computers students at Saddleback can choose from.

The really awesome thing about PCs is their latest commercial from Microsoft which recently appeared on TV earlier in the year. The advertisement announced a special deal for students with a deal that if a student buys a computer with Windows 7 on it, then they can receive a free Xbox 360 with purchase.

I felt myself saying, Oh my god, I wish I had a job so I can get in on that deal! It was like a dream come true and I wish I really did have a job so I would have enough money to get one of those computers.

This greatly differs from Macs, which are not capable of connecting to an Xbox 360.

Even though PCs work really well when it comes to gaming and the large variety of computers that they have, there are some good things about the Mac as well.

For one, Macs have yet to be threatened by a virus or experience a major security breach on their computer.

PCs are really popular when it comes to Trojan viruses, with hackers easily being able to gain access into the computers.

However, the price difference outweighs the possible consequences.

To fellow Saddleback College students, if you are looking for a new computer to purchase for the new semester, I would go for a PC if you are used to using a PC at home.

But if you’ve been a Mac users most of your life, then go buy a Mac computer, just be careful of the consequences.

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