Love does not need its own holiday to be recognized

Ana Castellanos

Why does love and friendship need one day of the year to be celebrated? Shouldn’t it be everyday you feel grateful for the love and friends you have in your life?

Love is the support given to each other in hard times, and the care you show a person when you’re in a relationship. Respecting them, acknowledging them and giving them their space is where the love is, not in the pretty flowers, or expensive gifts.

People get so caught up with school, work and minor things that at 8 p.m. on Valentine’s Day they have to rush to the store and look for a little something for that “special someone.”

They forget the meaning of what they are really celebrating, we have all been there: $15 balloons, a $16 dozen roses, an $8 box of chocolates and a little hanky panky to go with one more Valentine’s Day.

The person who is able to see the value something holds is richer at heart, than the one who cares about the value of its cost.

Sure flowers, chocolates and diamonds are nice but that’s not where the love is.

When I was a little girl growing up in two different cultures it wasn’t hard to notice the different ways love was expressed in both. But lately I have come to realize that people have become so materialistic, not just here in America but all over the world.

They are forgetting that simple words and simple yet meaningful actions like cutting a flower from a strangers garden and giving it to that special someone or a walk at the beach holding hands discussing why you make each other crazy has more meaning than an expensive dinner at “Las Brisas” or “Orange Hill’s restaurant” with a bottle of the most expensive wine.

What ever happened to serenading girls, writing them poems, or making something rather then trying to out buy each others gifts?

Maybe I’m just a romantic fool like many out there, but I know that for most women it’s the unique ways that win our hearts. So when this Valentine’s Day is over, don’t feel bad if it did not go as planned. Remember that everyday should be a celebration of the love you were lucky enough to experience not just on Feb. 14.

That way there will be no doubt in that persons mind that the love you say you have for them isn’t true. Love is expressed through actions and feelings not through money or words.

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