Love and Other Drugs: B+

Stephanie Plese

We have all seen movies that we walk out of asking ourselves, “why the heck was that rated R?” Love and Other Drugs was NOT that kind of movie.

Maggie Murdock, played by Anne Hathaway, is a promiscuous woman that is determined to remain independent. She is in the doctors office trying to get medicine for Parkinson’s decease when she comes into contact with Jamie Randall, played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Randall is a young, sexy drug salesman that uses his looks to get what he wants. The couple eventually have a one night stand and grow to like each other. Murdock sees the one night stand leading into something more and cuts him off. Murdock, only 26 when she was diagnosed, is determined to live her life of Parkinson’s disease without the help of anyone. Jamie eventually tracks her down and convinces her that he is in the relationship for the long hall and willing to help.

The actors did a wonderful job with their roles. Hathaway portrayed the disease beautifully while Gyllenhaal was perfectly cast as the man that can get away with anything based on his charm. The effort put into this film was portrayed positively on the screen. The movie was extremely well written with many moments of laughter and awe.

Although the movie was really well put together, and there can be nothing too terrible said about it, it was not fantastic. It had love, laughter, romance, drama and I am sure some people cryed but there was still something missing. A big explosion perhaps? I would recommend watching it with friends when it comes out on DVD but it was not worth making a theatre night of it.

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