Local artists come together for Indie arts and crafts show

Twice a year local artists from San Diego to Los Angeles come together in Santa Ana to sell handmade crafts and jewelry. The Indie Art and Craft Show hosted 60 “invitation only” vendors. Indie art is for independent and local artists.

“Artists are chosen based on the quality of their art,” said organizer Nicole Stevenson. “We also like to have a diversity in our art. We enjoy having a mixture in the art work made.”

Nicole Stevenson and her aunt Delilah Snell hold the art and craft show twice a year, both times in Santa Ana. They usually have enough vendors to fill two parking lots.

Stevenson’s booth is filled with clothes that she designed. Most are made for women, but there are some for kids and men as well.

“The art show is a bi-annual event,” Stevenson said. “The first one was held back in November.”

The music was provided by Evocal. The performers and bands are all local musicians.

There is also a clothing line conceptualized and designed by Evocal which is available to the public.

Saddleback’s photo instructor, Jennifer Porter, was an invited artist whose booth was located in the second lot.

This is Porter’s first time in the art show.

Her booth consisted of jewelry, buttons and photo tags and the items generally fell into the $15-$20 range.

Photo tags are created with the aid of a machine that resembles a stapler, but which punches out miniatures of photos, which can then be used to create bracelets, or mobiles.

There really is no end to the creativity exhibited.

“I used my grandfathers old napkin holder as a bracelet display,” Porter said.



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