Let the best team play

Normally, the team with the best record gets to play in the championship game, unless that team is upset in the playoffs. What if there is no playoff system and an undefeated team does not get a chance to play for the national championship? With that exact scenario happening, first in 2006 with Boise State University, and now in 2007 with the University of Hawaii finishing 12-0, fans are having to watch imperfect teams play for the national title.

For the past 10 years, Division I college football has used a system where a computer apparently is smart enough to pick the two teams that play for the championship. The system, called the Bowl Championship Series, creates a mathematical formula taking in the factors of polls of sports writers and coaches, the average of three computer rankings, the teams’ records, and the teams’ strength of schedule.

For the most part it has worked out pretty well. In 2005, USC and the University of Texas met in the national championship where both teams were undefeated, and in 2006 Ohio State finished 12-0 reaching the title game, but the University of Florida took the other spot from Boise State even though they had one loss.

Last season Boise State defeated Oregon State, Hawaii, Nevada and a last second victory against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, proving that a mid-American conference team can compete with big name programs.

This season was the same as Hawaii defeated Fresno State, Boise State and is coming back to defeat San Jose State and Nevada.

Taking the four factors of the BCS to put together a title game, Hawaii probably did not have the strongest schedule playing teams like Northern Colorado, Idaho, and Charleston Southern did, but other teams are playing weaker opponents as well.

LSU and Ohio State, the two teams that will play for the national championship this year, faced teams like Middle Tennessee State, Youngstown State and Akron, so the point is every team in the country plays weaker opponents.

College football should give Hawaii some credit. Their best player, star quarterback Colt Brennan, even missed two games and is third in the nation in touchdown passes, fourth in total passing yards and his offense is ranked No. 1 in points scored. Give them a chance to prove they are the best. Ohio State and LSU have proven themselves but are they really on top? ESPN, get off your high horse and talk about who’s No. 1.

During the past two seasons, the Western Athletic Conference has had two undefeated football teams, and not once did they get any respect. College football needs a playoff system. Let the sun set on the BCS. Aloha.

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