Let me burst your bubble

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day brings the delightful packing material to students like Ty Poteet, 20, education, eager to burst the bubbles. (Stacey Angeloff)

Stacey Angeloff

Bubble wrap lovers pop with joy, because Monday, Jan. 30, was national Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

The feather-light, yet durably strong packing protection wrap is a best friend to fragile-item fans everywhere. But on that day, I broke the silence of packing norms by embracing the plasticky popping bliss.

The air-filled pockets fulfill so much more than cushioning beloved fragile belongings. Bubble wrap is a proven stress relief when popped in substantial amounts, a musical instrument when snapped and stomped, a pincher’s dream and a popper’s ecstasy.

Students live a stressed life filled with responsibilities. Instead of high priced massages, expensive psychologists or illegal drugs or alcohol, liberate your pent up stress with popping bubble wrap!

Bubble wrap is a pretty tricky material to make, therefore, none should be wasted, according to www.national-awareness-days.com.

There are lots of stages to go through before the right material has been made. Once its makers have the right kind of film, suction is applied to a drum-covered layer of film with holes punched into it.

Next the film is laminated so that the holes stick together and the air bubbles are trapped. But eventually the bubbles loose air gradually over time, losing it’s protecting powers.

The air can leak from the pores really easily, meaning it wouldn’t be able to cushion products properly. So, cities have been holding annual events like bubble wrap popping relays, bubble wrap sculpting and fashion design contests.

Twist it, pinch it, poke it, sit on it, or even bite it if you have to, but enjoy the packing wrap with bubble-popping appreciation.

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