Legalized prostitution is a tax break

Guest Columnist Anthony Rosenkrantz

The auction block roars.
Do I here $1,500, $1,600? Sold to the gentlemen with a large wallet and probably no rent check. It is hard to imagine that this ludicrous sentence could even be true, but it is, and it gets worse.
Many have seen the HBO series, “Cathouse”, depicting scantily clad women entertaining both the male and female clientele. What you don’t see however is the price tag that comes along with one of these hired beauties.
Along with the price tag come the “guarantee”, a personal contract between you and the woman of fiscal interest. The higher you pay, the more she will do.

For the right price that special night where a woman gives herself to you for the first time can be had. But, these “rare delicacies” as the bunny ranches would call them are very expensive, and very hard to keep on the shelves. No one can deny that these lust corals provide a service to the working, single, and married man. At the Bunny Ranch, there is no discrimination.

While prostitution or in this case legal prostitution is not news, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be regulated. The truth of the matter is that this is not going to stop because religious activists or politicians needing a soap box for their campaign shout and scream.
Much like marijuana, prostitution needs to be regulated, heavily taxed and legalized.

You cannot tax what is not legal. Unless the government plans on taxing our illegal music downloads and mindless activities engaged in on regular basis of most fucking student lives. Prostitution is no different than alcohol or cigarettes; it is a potentially life altering “item” that we pay out of our own pockets for.
The only difference is that one has a much higher death rate while the other just makes you feel kind of dirty and wish you’d kept your rent money.

While I’m burning bridges left and right and throwing grenades along the way, lets drag marijuana into this mix.

Now Marijuana is in the same boat as prostitution, Illegal and punishable by jail time yet both have low death rates if any at all, and remember children Sex Ed is important and could make those low death rates from sexually transmitted diseases nonexistent.

Heck! With the right regulations, a fortune could be made off of them to supply our rather large deficit.  Let us not forget that over 500,000 men between the ages of 19-36 alone have paid for the services of women both on the street and in the bunny ranches.  It’s hard to believe this number is subject to inflation as over 60 percent of men who have used such services would never admit to it unless caught.
Now all of these issues are far greater than any column can give heavy insight to but hopefully this one has opened the eyes of at least one saddleback student.


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