Learning the crying truth

Casha Cheema

I’ll admit it, I’m a crier. Whether it’s a couple in their 90s holding hands, or a good book, Bambi, reruns of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I cry. I can’t help it!

I see something that brings out emotion in me and I get that warm fluttery feeling in my chest, and then my eyes start to well up, and I weep. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, I have to say. Like many, I’ve been conditioned to believe from a very your age that crying is, in most situations, inappropriate. I work with young children and I hear parents tell their children not to cry on a daily basis. Men especially are taught that crying is a sign of weakness. But more and more research is proving that crying is healthy and releases tension in your body.

If you’ve ever experienced a good cry, that fact is pretty obvious. You literally feel relieved and calm, because all those tears and emotions are able to escape.

Crying for men and women should not be a stigma, but a healthy, normal way to express emotion. So the next time your snuggled up with a blanket watching My Girl, reading The Notebook, or hugging a loved one and you feel your eyes starting to water, let it out!

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