“Las 13 Rosas” provides a Spanish flair to history

Students enjoy learning about new cultures through the medium of film. (Claire Cote)

Melissa Conser

For students interested in film and other cultures, Saddleback College’s International Film Club is a good place to find like-minded individuals and learn about international films.

The festivities of the club meeting held Friday began with a feast of fresh fruit, tamales, non-alcoholic “tequila shots,” and more. Spanish instructor and club founder, Carmenmara Hernandez-Bravo, gave a brief lecture on the film to be showed, “Las 13 Rosas,” and a mini history lesson of the time period portrayed.

The film “13 Red Roses” takes place in Spain during the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, the same time period as Pan’s Labrynth. It involves 13 underage girls imprisoned in Madrid after fighting for the republic.

Before starting the film, Hernandez-Bravo warned that it was a very sad film. In fact, all the films she shows are sad: “I don’t like to show happy films because you live very close to Disneyland,” she joked. The showing was especially significant because this film is not available for rent or purchase in the United States.

Next Friday the club will show a film about Cinco De Mayo and next year the series will be based on Cuban films. Those interested in taking part in future club events should email Hernandez-Bravo at chernandezb@saddleback.edu.

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