Landslide Victory for Trustee John S. Williams

John S. Williams (Special to the Lariat)

Andrew Bennett

In a landslide victory, as of 1:10 a.m., incumbent board member John S. Williams defeated opponents Carl Christensen, and Mo Entezampour 62% to 26% to 11%, respectively.

Williams, who has been a board member since 1992, and is currently serving as Vice President, will begin serving his fifth consecutive term in 2009.

Before becoming a Trustee, Williams served as an Orange County Marshall for 22 years, retiring in 1995. Williams resides in Mission Viejo with his wife Joanne.

With the results of tonight’s election, the current board of SOCCCD will remain in place until Trustees Marcia Milchiker, Nancy M. Padberg, and Donald P. Wagner come up for election in 2010.

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