KSBR broadcasts from Mission Viejo festival

Kiralynn Edmondson

KSBR, Saddleback College’s radio station, broadcasted their monthly Saturday morning show “Breakfast with Gary and Kelly” at the third annual 2011 Mission Viejo Readers’ Festival on Saturday, with special guests Mayor Dave Leckness and author Linda Evans.

Saddleback student and television production specialist Matt Brodet assisted the producers in helping to broadcast Gary and Kelly. Brodet is also a DJ for KSBR, on the air midnight until 6 a.m. on Tuesday mornings.  He also broadcasts the football games.

Gary and Kelly sat out on a very hot stage, with the sun pointing directly down at them and the audience. The duo are used to doing their Saturday Broadcast Special from within the community center.

Since so many authors came to Mission Viejo to sign books and meet readers, Gary and Kelly were forced to move into the blazing sun.

Dave Leckness, mayor of Mission Viejo, joined Gary and Kelly on stage in his Home Depot apron. He had just returned from Home Depot where he hung out with children working hard on wooden helicopters.

“I love that 9- to10-year-old Mission Viejo kids are actually out doing something, and not behind the T.V,” Leckness said to Gary and Kelly.

Shortly after the mayor left, the woman who the audience was truly excited to see, Golden Globe award-winning actress Linda Evans, took the stage to tell about her new book, “Recipes from the Heart.”

“She’s got a great history, she been around as an actress, she is very acclaimed for that and now with her writing also, I’m very interested in buying and reading her book, because its from the heart,” said Debb Denbow, a creative writer, Saddleback student, and a citizen of Laguna Woods.

“I took the things I love. I adore cooking and I love people. I look back on my life, I had an amazing life. So I took the people, memories and I took the food and had a wonderful realization that the best things in life are free: food, family, cooking and sharing,” Evans said about her book. “Its so sweet that I’ve gone through my whole life to find out that everyone already has everything they could possibly want.”

It took Evans four years to wrap the stories around the recipes in her book, and she had the book rushed out for the Mission Viejo Readers Festival. She was very pleased to see it in print, and to be out of the Seattle Gloom and in the California sun.

“I hope everyone here writes their life down, when you look back at your life, you look at so many places you’ve been, maybe at the time you thought they were a disaster, or the worst thing that ever happened to you in your life,” Evans said. But [one day] you may look back you’ll think that may have been the best thing that ever happened to you.”

“I’ve always wanted to write, and now I’m doing it for fun, I’m writing short story memoirs about my life when I was a kid,” Denbow said. “Today I’m glad I get to see how other people write, to learn about their inspirations, its a well rounded way to help me grow as a writer.”


(Alyssa Hunter)

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