Kirill Gliadkovsky performs at the McKinney

Nicole Bullard

Kirill Gliadkovsky performed in the McKinney Theater at Saddleback College last Sunday with his wife, Anna Gliadkovsky, and his daughter Anastassia Gliadkovsky.

Kirill Gliadkovsky is a talented pianist whose successful career as a soloist has taken him to major concert halls, such as the Philharmonic halls in St. Petersburg, Kiev, Bolshoi and Rachmaninoff Hall in Moscow.

He began the debut with seven musical pieces from Bunte Blatter “Colored Leaves”, Op. 99 composed by R. Schumann.

Kirill Gliadkovsky also performed Funérailles from Harmonies composed by F. Liszt. He also performed five G. Gershwin pieces. G.Gershwin was an American composer whose music was inspired by jazz music.

After Kirill Gliadkovsky’s solo performance, his daughter Anastassia joined him on the stage. On two separate pianos, they performed Selections from Waltzes Op. 39 for one piano and four hands composed by J. Brahms. They performed three selections altogether.

After Kirill Gliadkovsky and his daughter performed the Waltz selections, his wife Anna was introduced and they performed together as well. They performed a total of two pieces together.

The selections for the duo were Scaramouche: Suite for Two Pianos, Op. 165b from 1937 and Concert Paraphrase on airs from “Die Fledermaus” named “The Bat”. These pieces were composed by J. Strauss Jr.-S.Kovacs.

Near the ending of the debut concert, all three of the performers, Kirill Gliadkovsky and his wife Anna and daughter Anastassia walked onto the stage to perform two musical pieces that required six hands to play.

The first composition was S. Rachminoff Waltz for one piano and six hands from 1890. The three performers sat together at one piano and performed the piece spectacularly. The second composition was L. Bernstein-arr. D. Duarte for one piano and six hands, which is the song “America” which was originally a song in “West Side Story”.

Overall, the performance was astounding and the three performer received generous applause. For the conclusion, the performed “Stars and Stripes” altogether on one piano. The composition was fast and lively, and it took obvious skill to play this composition. After the final applause they left the stage as the audience clapped for their performance.

Kirill Gliadkovsky’s performance was to commemorate his joining the Department of Music as a new faculty member. His performances have been appreciated around the world. 

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