Kanye West should get over himself


Economic crisis. Healthcare Reform. Conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq. The eighth anniversary of terrorist attacks on September 11.  All of these are very real, very crucial topics in current American affairs.

But when we turn on the TV, open a newspaper (yes, some of us still read newspapers), or turn to the Internet, we hear nothing of these tremendous issues.

Instead, we get “OMG Kanye West is such a jerk!”

Over and over again, in every possible media outlet, the news of the day is an outburst by the self-proclaimed “king of pop” during an awards show geared towards the youth of the nation.

For readers unaware of what happened, Taylor Swift was in the process of accepting the award for best female video when she was interrupted by Kanye, who said that Beyonce should have won.

Here’s the bad news, folks – Kanye won. He wanted us to do nothing but talk about him all day today, because he truly believes he is the most important and influential person in the United States.

Why else would someone, already performing and nominated for awards, interrupt the moment of a fellow artist?

What is the purpose of declaring his opinion on who should have won the award, unless he thinks that his opinion is always the right one, the one everyone should share?

So, how do we combat the Kanye problem?

First, stop talking about him at all. No more Facebook updates, no more discussing his latest charades before, during, and after class. Just do not talk about the guy at all.

We won’t tell you to stop listening to his music, because some people truly enjoy listening to computer generated singing, but maybe it’s time to broaden your hip-hop horizons. Atmosphere and Aesop Rock are two good contemporary artists to start with.

Secondly, get your brain to the point where talking about Kanye West is the last thing on your mind. Start paying attention to current events and politics. It may be boring to you now, but when our country is in shambles and our generation is facing all the repercussions of the current political times you are going to wish you paid more attention.

Our commentary section is a great place to start stretching your brain. We have showcased our opinions on a wide variety of relevant topics and issues. Read them in between class and if something strikes a curiosity in you, go research the issue further. You will thank us when you are better informed on the world around you.

You really want to tell Kanye West he is a punk? You want to cry out against his ridiculous behavior? Stop wasting your breath on him and start caring about things that really matter. 

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