Josiah’s Beard and IVC Jazz Ensemble take center stage

(Ashley Reyes)

Ashley Reyes

A group of college students from Cal State Northridge lit up the stage on Mar. 1 at IVC, with their electrifying personalities. They were followed by the soulful Jazz Ensemble.

“It was fun, we loved it.  We had a good audience, it’s all about having fun for us,” Ross Sellers, guitarist for Josiah’s beard and former IVC student said.

Josiah’s band consisted of six individuals, who are jazz studies majors, under the direction of Gary Pratt. The band arranges, memorizes and performs a tune weekly. The unified goal of the band is to make creative and honest music.

“Sophisticated Lady” by Duke Elington was next. This was a piece with a more classical feel and was played all together with a trombone solo by Evin Stamp.

Stamp explained that the band was named Josiah’s Beard after piano player, Joel Afandolo’s newly born baby boy, whose name is Josiah. The beard part was after Seller’s facial hair.

OCC student,Sarah Padget, biology said, “They all kind of feed of each other.” Stanmp is is the current girlfriend of band member Evan Stamp.

She also added that the band drove nearly two hours to perform at IVC. This was their first time performing for IVC together.  

The band has been together since the beginning of this semester, while Seller has been playing with the Jazz Ensemble longer. Seller’s personal favorite song performed was St. Vitus dance.

Following Josiah’s band was the IVC Jazz Ensemble, who played a soulful set with female vocals by Cheryl Bartkus and Brittany Traufler.

The band wrapped up their show with “In the Mood,” which was a calm eclectic song, that perfectly wrapped up the show. 

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(Ashley Reyes)

(Ashley Reyes)

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