Jensen’s groovy rock glides over students’ ears

Sarah Komisky

Hidden in what is called the “Cove” by locals at Vanguard University, the sweet and earthy voice of Molly Jenson softly crept out the café entrance.

Jenson and bandmates on drums, keys, bass, and electric guitar stopped by the night of Nov. 13 to play songs from her 2005 release, “Maybe Tomorrow.”

Singing “When the Stars Go Blue,” Jenson gave an extra treat for the early birds at sound check. The café’s cozy atmosphere filled with sofas, coffee, and students who flocked into the cafe in pajamas created a mellow forum for music lovers.

After doing a bit of tuning, Jenson went straight into “And You Were.” The song’s untainted vocals and light guitar picking gives the same joy as walking on a sunny day by the beach or spending time with someone you love. It’s organic folk that makes a person happy.

“Alongside You” drastically contrasted the previous song that had a country edge heard in the slight twang in Jenson’s voice.”Beginning Here,” had a slower beat that held the combination of Jewel, Aimee Man, and Fiona Apple.

Jenson’s next song was what she talked about as “not running away from problems.” Her voice was airy yet strong with pretty melodies, allowing the listener to relax and absorb the music.

“Maybe Tomorrow” the title track off the album, was the most serious and poetic piece. Laced with heavy piano keys and a whimsical tone in her voice, the song dares to dream.

“Thinking of You,” is a song that can be heard over and over again. The song that Jenson said was written about her waiter on vacation, Jake Ryan from “Sixteen Candles,” and her ex-boyfriend was a favorite.

Her lyrics captured the words and emotions that could be stolen from our own minds. Jenson’s live performance of the song was sincere and highlighted by her exquisite falsettos.

“Wait For You Here” was another touching performance. Jenson shared the story behind the song which told the story of a breakup with a boyfriend. The song showed vulnerability and was acoustically brilliant.

“Talk Me Out of This” was a sneak peak to Jenson’s new album that audience members were able to enjoy. With its county, steady beat Jenson was able to engage the crowd in clapping to the beat and was a great ending performance.

Seeing Jenson live is a privilege. Her songs are appreciated for their simplicity and her voice for its beauty.

The San Diego songstress is someone you can relate to and her silly personality can easily be seen when she laughs and jokes onstage. She is gifted to create genuine music that expresses daily life.

Jenson’s upcoming shows include playing at the Room 5 in Los Angeles on Nov. 26, the Marine Room in Laguna Beach on Nov. 27 and Spaceland in L.A. on Nov. 29.

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