Jazz vocalist flaunts her stuff

Ana Castellanos

Judy Wexler, s singer well known for her warm voice and a natural story teller through her lyrics and music, was the featured jazz vocalist Mar. 11 in the McKinney Theater.

It was a sweet blended mixture of piano sounds and her thrilling voice that captivated many that night. Applause after applause gave her the energy to belt her voice during her remarkable performance.

Through her performances, there is no doubt in her fans minds that jazz is her passion.

During a previous interview, the jazz singer confessed that her whole life she’s been involved with music and studying it. On the other hand, she revealed that with jazz, its not something she quite grew up with until later on in her life when she spent most of her newlywed time living in the Bay Area listening to the sensations of jazz.

Judy performed songs from her new album “Dreams and Shadows,” recently released, which was telling more stories and tales. Some of the favorites were “Spooky,” “In Love in Vain,” and “If I Only Had a Brain” along with many others.

“In Love In Vain” is a spunky little track with compelling lyrics delivered with unique rhythm and humor.

Although Spooky” is more of a rock song, Wexler is able to Jazz it up with her swing voice. “If I Only Had a Brain” is a dazzling take on the classic Harold Arlen track from Oz. And for the romantic fools and sentimental fellows there was the Elvis Costello tune “Almost Blue,” one of the more sentimental tracks with the an elegant opening by the piano with a beautiful heartfelt tune.

It was the year 2005 that her debut album, entitled “Easy on the Heart” was released with Rhombus Records.

“Easy on the Heart” received critical acclaim and remained in the top 50 in national radio airplay, in the JazzWeek Charts for six weeks.

Almost three years later the singer is still claiming higher achieving great recognition in the genre of jazz music.

Wexler has performed at the Tel Aviv Jazz Festivals and the Temecula Valley International Jazz Festival, where she opened the show for the legendary Mose Allison.

To listen to Wexler’s songs and to find out more about the artist, visit her MySpace page, www.myspace.com/judywexler.

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