Jazz improv class makes comeback at Irvine Valley

Katie Mastro

A rebirth of the jazz improvisation class is being implemented at Irvine Valley College for the spring semester after five years of absence. Meeting every Monday from 7-10 p.m., this class is not recommended for beginning music reading or playing.

This was not the only cut made on Dec. 20 2002. Many others were jostled off the campus as well. But last year, the Music Department quickly reformed that rigid plan and decided that it should offer more jazz class options.

“Right now we have only the IVC Jazz Ensemble and the History of Jazz, a GE lecture course,” said Stephen Rochford, IVC instrumental music director. “We also have the annual May IVC Jazz Picnic. This is an outside concert featuring our IVC Jazz Ensemble and a guest artist and/or guest ensemble each year.”

However, this is class represents only the beginning of, hopefully, a long strain of more prominent jazz opportunities.

“This is the first step in that direction,” Rochford said. “We plan to expand some more, hopefully sooner than later.

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