Jazz Faculty Preforms for Eighth Year

August 28 marks the eight-year anniversary of the Faculty Jazz Concerts

Here at Saddleback, but more so it serves as a reminder for the talent both

New and old in our teachers.



The Director of Jazz studies, Joey Sellers, joined the staff in 2002 and

Began the concerts, bringing together the other six members of the ensemble

Over the course of the past ten years.



Jerry Pinter, Ron Stout, Jamie Rosenn,  Luther Hughes and Paul Johnson

Make up the other member of the group playing the saxophone, trumpet,

guitar, bass and drums respectively. Newcomer Ariel Alexander rounds out the

troupe at seven with the saxophone.



This school year is the first at Saddleback for Ariel Alexander, professor

of Music Appreciation, History of Rock and Popular Song Writing, but her

past in the realm of music is well known. She has preformed concerts with

Stevie Wonder, Ruben Studdard and the Steve Miller band as well as many

others, a very prestigious group to be counted among.



All skilled musicians in their own rights, together they put on this

amazing concert with only one rehearsal before their performance. When asked

Specifically how much practice goes into putting on this show, Joey Sellers

had this to say,”[We] are all seasoned veterans who are great teachers. The

skills we have worked on all of our lives individually make it possible for

us to have one brief rehearsal prior to the concert”.



“It’s amazing to see that amount of talent in a community college setting”

said Jacob Garcia, a student here at Saddleback, “Teachers who can

Accomplish that level of success, helps to inspire the students”.



So go and see the Jazz Faculty Concert, August 28 at 7 p.m. at the McKinney

Theater, 10$ general admission 7$ for students.

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