IVC holds successful club day

Students gather on the quad to learn more about the clubs offered at IVC. (Rachel Schmid)

Rachel Schmid

Many students gathered at the Irvine Valley College quad on Wednesday for the first club day of the academic year.

Over 16 clubs being represented eagerly spoke with students, while club members stood on a stage in front of the SSC and energetically described the objectives of their groups. 

A member of the American Criminal Justice Association, Madison Morris, was impressed by the large number of students who showed interest in her club. 

“We’re thrilled with the turnout,” Morris stated, “and we’re excited to see who emails us back.” 

Anderson Perroti, 21, signed up for the IVC Green Team Alliance after speaking with the three-time president, Crystal Love. Perroti respected the mission of the club to bring recycling and free trade coffee to IVC.

A member of the Christian Students at IVC group, Isaac Acosta, stated that the group had gathered over 100 signatures on their sign-up forms. Acosta, like other club groups at the expo, knew that the amount of people who actually commit to the clubs unfortunately declines. 

“We usually have a big turnout the first week,” Acosta stated, “and then it starts diminishing from there.”

Acosta feels that being a part of a club is an important part of college life and that more students should get involved in something they are passionate about. 

“It’s a great way to make friends and be a part of a community,” Acosta stated. 

All clubs encourage both IVC and Saddleback students to join.

To learn more about joining a group, go to http://www.ivc.edu/student/clubs/Pages/default.aspx

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