“Island infused rhythms” with Kevin Miso

Katrina Andaya

“I heard a quote from Marc Ford who is the lead guitarist of the Black Crows and produced this track I just did called sweet love, and he said ‘You know everybody’s style is defined by their limitations,’ which is an interesting quote because that’s exactly what it is,” said musician Kevin Miso, 29. “If your pushing your boundaries as an artist or anything you do you’re style is defined by your limitations.”

Having played more than 600 shows and counting, in the past four years, Miso, is ready to show off his music, influenced by his Hawaiian roots, to Saddleback College.

Miso, who performed in the Saddleback College quad, Thursday, will be performing again for an even bigger crowd at the Free Moonlight Movie Night featuring the film Ted, Thursday Oct. 25.

Born and raised in Southern California, Miso is an independently signed singer/songwriter who describes his music as having a pop format with “reggae elements and island infused rhythms.”

His musical influences include Bob Marley, The Beatles, Ben Harper, the Dave Matthews Band, Van Morrison and many more

He is a self-taught guitarist/musician.  You can always find him jamming on his guitar, but he also plays the drums, piano, ukulele, harmonica, and many other instruments.

His live shows are very unique in which he’ll loop multiple instruments together, as well as perform some acoustic pieces.

“I’ll layer tracks where I’ll do a beat on my guitar, ill play rhythm, and then ill do shakers and stuff; incorporate keyboards and then ill loop it all into one song,” Miso said. “It’s like a one man band sort of show.” 

His favorite part about performing live is the connection between him the audience, while he is playing.

“What I have learned is that there can be 10 people, or there can be 10,000 and it’s all about the vibe of that day and the people,” Miso said. “The music is not just about me it’s about the connection with whoevers listening and whoever I’m playing for.”

Miso has put out two EPs:  the first is his first showing of his music to the world basically saying, “hey, this is me”, and the second, released in July 2011, is a summer themed EP.  He is currently working on an album to be released in 2013 that is to be released in vinyl. 

“Now I want to marry the two (EPs) and do a full length album and the entire concept of a record, but I also want to experiment with the studio,” Miso said. “To put out something I’m really, really proud of is my goal.”

Miso will be playing at the Ted screening on Thursday, but you can also catch him playing at the Coach House on Oct. 28.

“I get fired up to hopefully inspire someone out there or just show them a good night of music,” Miso said on what he’s most excited for during his performance for Ted.


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