Irvine Valley celebrates homecoming

And the king and queen are

Kelley Marble

An exciting new development for Irvine Valley College, Feb. 22 marked their first ever homecoming festival. The day was filled with events including the men’s basketball game.

Starting around 4:30 P.M all sorts of carnival like booths were set up infront of the gym.

Students got a chance to show school spirit and get involved in all the fun.

The point of the homecoming festival was to commemorate both current IVC students and it’s alumni.

“I thought homecoming would be a really good idea for IVC because a lot of times students forget about the school that acted as a bridge way to their success. This event would bring back some alumni and boost up school spirit,” said Hannah Lee, 19, homecoming queen. “I’m really looking forward to next year’s.”

During the halftime of the basketball game the homecoming festivities took over the basketball court where the winners for the king and queen category were announced.

It was up to the student body to go online and vote.The winners were Hannah Lee for queen and Matt Contorelli, 23 for king.

The event was over all very successful. It is sure to make a good impression on future classes and make memories for the alumni.

“I can say that our goal was accomplished,” Contorelli said. “Hopefully in the future we can only increase the popularity of supporting our teams and making Irvine a more exciting community.”

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