Instructor combines current fashions with her own

(Kara Willingham)

Kara Willingham

Matching from head to toe is second nature to some, but political science instructor Sharon MacMillan is a master of the art.

From her Crocs to her Douney and Bourke purse, MacMillan makes an effort to be presentable for class by coordinating her look and remaining professional.

She incorporates items, colors and patterns she likes with comfortable pieces in order to make it through a hectic day of classes.

“Comfort inspires me. My Crocs are almost always on,” MacMillan said. “I like colors and matching things.”

MacMillan color coordinates her outfits down to her shoes in order to achieve a well put together look that she is noticed for.

“My style is classic and casual, with well fitted sweaters and pants”, she said. “I don’t like really trendy things, I like [my clothing] updated but still classic.”

Although she is not interested in trends MacMillan often updates her look and fits her style to the season.

However, some of MacMillan’s students arrive to class in clothing she doesn’t find appealing.

“I despise low cut jeans,” she said. “Some students are really stylish. There are quite a few young girls who dress casual but I don’t like bizarre looks or ragged jeans that have been dragging on the ground.”

MacMillan puts in the effort to add a little flair to her ensemble with simple details. Similar to the Balboa Bay Club look or a more preppy style of dress, MacMillan said that anchor sweaters are always in style as well as blazers.

“I love jacket sweaters and jeans. I like the shoulders to have little pleats or something,” she said. “When I went to college I became interested in fashion. I have always liked interior design and color coordinating, I decorate my house too.”

A purse is an accessory that most womencannot live without. MacMillan is a fan of Douney and Bourke purses because they come in different colors and patterns. While teaching class Macmillan can be seen sporting a pair of Crocs.

MacMillian admits to buying multiple pairs so she can match them with her outfits.

“Crocs are recent for me, but I’ve always worn comfortable shoes,” said MacMillian. “They are trendy and don’t look too old lady; they are so comfortable; once you put them on you’ll never take them off.”

There are other instructors on campus with a good eye for style as well and there are also some who look as though they got dressed in the dark.

For the staff and faculty members who are not sure how they should present themselves to students, MacMillan offers advice that she uses.

“I think that teachers should be neat, presentable and coordinated,” she said. “But at the same time be able to kind of fit in with what the students are wearing. It is pointless to dress up for school.”

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