Insanity may look good on you

Nikki Jagerman

There are two kinds of crazy people; those that know they’re crazy and those who think they’re normal and everyone else is crazy. Of the two, people that know they’re crazy are far better. To demonstrate this point I bring to attention two tabloid frequents: Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse is an addict. She acknowledges it, writes songs about it, and uses in front of audiences. Her vices are predictable; when life gets tough she’ll turn to drugs, simple as that.

Britney Spears thinks she’s well balanced, responsible, and that everyone else is crazy. Britney Spears is wrong. She’s the mom that never has play-dates at her house because all the other moms on the playground think she might drown their kids in the bathtub.

The problem is that she can’t see that her thoughts and behaviors are erratic and thinks that everyone else, be it her ex-husband, her mom, or paparazzi, that just make her seem sort of insane. A person who goes to rehab for a day and decides that the doctors are wrong is a person who wants to hide their crazy.

Let the freak flag fly. Turns out that people are more forgiving to people who admit they havea problem and really try to help themselves.

The photograph of Amy Winehouse crying and screaming while running down the street with no shirt on is kind of a blessing. After it was released Winehouse went to rehab- for real, none of that one-day nonsense. Sometimes it is necessary for one to hit rock bottom in order to realize they’re out of control. So far, no amount of bad press or even worse photographs has compelled Britney to change.

Consequently, she’s running out of sympathy. She has access to any sort treatment she wants but refuses to get help. It’s hard faking normal, but Britney has decided to fake it (well, sort of) rather than admit a flaw. So what if you’re semi-insane? Work it out. Nobody likes a deranged pop star.

Of the two kinds of crazy people, it’s better to be the one who is honest and acknowledges their mental illness. Unfortunately for those who are crazy but pass the blame onto other people or circumstances, people eventually catch on and become annoyed.

It’s the alcoholic that says they can stop whenever they want but choose not to, or the mother whose personality has completely changed after having children but refuses to consider that she may have some post-partum depression.

If they could see the problem and understand the benefits of treating it, they would be so much better off- and everyone in their lives who have it better too.

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