Improv Team quick-witted at inaugural performance

The Saddleback College Improv Team “freezes” as they conclude the first-half of their show. (Joseph Espiritu)

Joseph Espiritu

Last Thursday night was filled with laughter as the Saddleback College Improv Team entertained an audience with skits including the “world’s worst,” missed sexual encounters, and guessing games.

The team, which is sponsored by the college’s Improv Club, is composed of nine members who, according to Team Captain Justin Huff, 19, psychology, are the “best of the bunch.”

“We had 60 people audition, and the nine you see here are the only ones who made it,” Huff said. “Well, we also have a team mascot, who is an honorary member, so we technically have 10 team members.”

While most team members had some background in improvisational theater, a few had been doing comedy for years.

“I’ve been doing comedy and improv for six years,” said A.J. Riser, 20, theater, who is a first-semester Saddleback student. “I like it. I have a lot of fun doing comedy.”

The team, which is composed of film, theater, arts, and psychology students, made for a diverse group of comedians, each with his or her own unique style that made the show witty, unique, and exciting.

“I joined because people need cheap entertainment in this economy,” said Kelli Roa, theater, in an upbeat tone. “Good, free entertainment is all we need.”

Vince Breck, 19, theater, on the other hand said that he joined because the group is filled with “fun people.”

As the show concluded with the members playing the roles of wild creatures, serial killers, and awful bus drivers, the audience filled the room with roars of laughter and thunderous claps.

“It was totally epic,” said Devin Henderson, 19, theater arts. “I love what they did at the end of the show.”

“The ‘world’s worst’ skit was my favorite,” said David Bornstein, 20, cinema. “The show was really good.”

The performance, which was the group’s first, drew a good-sized crowd. According to Huff, the group is planning on scheduling more shows in the future.

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