Improv team inspires with few words

(Nathaniel Vamvas/ Lariat Staff)

Jennifer Fink

“Improv is sex,” said Jessica Uhler, 21, undecided, while cracking an amused smile.

Maybe it’s not sex directly, but a lot of the games played during the rehearsal involve sexual innuendoes. Therefore, at least indirectly, improv has ideas of sex.

In accordance to the old adage, laughter is the best medicine, the Saddleback Improv Team has the know-how of comedy.

The team was first started by team president Justin Huft over two years ago after he realized something was missing from campus – an improv team.

“Improv is like a butterfly that you caught and you’re like I can’t believe I caught this.” Uhler said, “And then one day you look down at your hands and you’re like I don’t need the butterfly anymore. Its right here in my heart.”

The team is throwing it’s first show of the school year, and to prepare itself the team runs through a wide variety of improv games that will likely appear at the show. The team meets every Tuesday and Thursday to get their comedy chops in tune.

The first game to make an appearance is the game ‘Change’. The rules are simple: the improvises act out a scene and one person on the side calls out “Change!” when they want to hear a different line than the one just said. Topics covered in this game were Hogwarts and Reptile Rooms. Uhler played a rather convincing Professor Snape.

A game which involves audience members is ‘World’s Worst’. The audience is encouraged to shout out ideas, such as doctor or stripper for the improvises to act out. The idea is to be the worst idea of a doctor or stripper imaginable.

Another crowd pleaser is the game ‘Sex is like…’ where once again ideas are shouted from the audience. A popular topic is usually Disneyland. “Sex is like Disneyland because…” You get the picture.

The show may not be suitable for persons under eighteen, but it’s up to the discretion of the viewer. No one will be checking I.D.s at the door.

“Our mission is to f*** sh*t up and get laid.” Uhler said when asked about the mission statement of the team.

“Oh my gosh, you guys should do an entire paper about us…the Hilariat.” Michael Groover, 19, musical theater said with excitement, unbeknownst to him that the Lariat does infact have a Hilariat edition. On April Fools day. Every year.

The team is comprised of Julie Wickstrom, Michael Groover, Justin Huft, Michael De Vera, Chase Engelhardt, Jessica Uhler, Dominic Bohne, Megan Blanco, and Carlie Rinehart.

In order to entice more people to their show, the Saddleback Improv Team has a few parting words.

“The first fifty people get a kiss from Chase.” Groover said. Sadly, this isn’t the case, though it may be nice for you ladies to know that Chase is single.

“One of us gets naked every year.” Huft said while giving a chuckle. Last year shirts did come off. So this one is a semi-truth. And that is why you should show up to the Improv Show on Dec. 16 in BGS 254. “It’s from 8 p.m. til whenever you’re satisfied.”

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