ICC to host Latin Night

Katie Mastro

Many events are held each week on campus, but one in particular promises a cross-cultural experience to remember.Latin Night will be held on Oct. 18 from 7 to 11 p.m. in the Student Services Lounge.

“I don’t want this event to be a party, it’s a cultural event,” said Inter Club Council Director Basim Sadrzadeh. “I want information for each country, more educational stuff: population, growth, ethnic groups, and culture biographies. We should have pictures of Latin America too.”

The event, sponsored by Associated Student Government will have free ethnic food, a piñata, dancing, and even some poetry readings. ICC members have discussed what kind of music to be played at the festivity as well, which includes tango, salsa, and even a few Ricky Martin songs.

“I want more culture and diversity on campus,” Sadrzadeh said. “Since we are so close to Latin countries, we should share the culture with the college.”

ICC plans on having a slide show with information on Latin countries and their current events. The basis for this event is for students to enjoy the night while learning facts.ASG expects a solid turnout.

“I am predicting a lot of people will be coming because it will be a friendly atmosphere with good food and good people,” said ICC Director of Events Justin Santiago. “Everyone should come; I am definitely going.”

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