How to leave your artistic mark on Saddleback and not get arrested

Casie Nguyen

Student Diversity Council’s photo mural project is set to leave it’s mark. Literally. Imagine, a mural of every person in our area…in their own perspective. The finished mural will be a collaborative portrait of how diverse each individual is.

“We hope we can raise awareness of different types of people on campus like where they come from, who they are, even economic status especially in this time with the recession.” leading the project, Lexi Wong, 19, European History, said.  “We want to include everyone and don’t want anyone to be excluded.”

This is an open call and everyone is welcomed to be apart of this mural, including faculty, students, and anyone who does not go to saddleback. All interested participants must turn in a photo or hardcopy copy of their work of how they view themselves before December 3erd.

“There is a lot of cultural elements and diversity in Southern California, so why not celebrate it?” Jessica Ochoa, chairman of Diversity Student Council said.

All participants are to submit an a portrait of themselves in their point of view.  All submissions must be turned into the SSC-211 by December 3 by 7:00pm. The earlier the submissions, the better. No internet submissions will be accepted. All submissions must be a  hard copy.

All work must be submitted as a high quality copy or photograph since some mediums such as charcoal or pastel would smear. ASG does not want to ruin the artists’ original work nor get fingerprints all over the pieces.. If the work is on a canvas or 3D, please take a photo of it to ensure quality.

There is no limit on how many pieces you can submit. Multiple entries are fine. ASG agrees that there is no size limit or medium preferment?? Although having one or two people per photo is preferred. Color and Black photos are fine.

To prevent bent corners, all entries will be sealed in an envelope and cropped off in SSC211 in the staff box. Be sure to include your name, email, cell phone number, title, medium, and dimension of your work. ASG wants to give all copyright to it’s original owners and this information will be published in a program.

“We were talking about ways to empower the student body and promoting social and cultural justice on campus.” Wong said when asked about coming up with the idea, “The mural would be the best way to represent this so we can capture the whole entire student body.”

There is no uniformity in this project, so every medium and size is accepted. However if the piece is 2D or 3D (sculptures) please take a photo of it.

The finished product will hang in the SSC building to show how diverse the student council is and raise awareness of each student’s individual differences.

“A lot of people tend to walk by things at saddleback and never pay attention to them, so I want people to stop and look at it and realize that they’re surrounded by all sorts of different people and culture and realize that we’re a very diverse campus.

This is an excellent way to improve your resume as both an artists and an active student on campus. Every participant will receive a signed and approved letter from Saddleback’s College’s Associated Student Government (ASG), which will verify that you have contributed to this on campus mural.

Wong explains her “It’s hard work, but when we find enough participants, and the stuff it‘ll work. I’m really optimistic about it.”

Attend the next photo mural meeting if you are interested or have any questions. The next meeting is on Tuesday October 27, at 1:00pm in the SSC-211. Everyone is welcomed to attend the meeting.

Join the face book group DSC Mural Project for more updates.

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