How to get through finals

Final time is when we all start realizing how we could have done so much better in our classes. Maybe if we had done a little more homework or studying during the semester we wouldn’t be worrying about getting a certain grade on the final to pass the class.

There are a few select students however, that are lucky enough to get away without a single final. They get those lovely projects instead. You know, those projects that they wont start until the night before.

But for the rest of us who have to study our brains off, here are a few helpful rules that I follow to help me get through final time.

Number 1. Is to stay focused. You only have to focus for about a week and it will be over. Its your fault that you didn’t focus all semester, so you should be able to at least focus for a week. Keep a Red Bull near by, or which ever energy drink is your fancy, and hit the books hard.

Number 2. Is when you can no longer keep yourself focused, find someone to help. There are lots of people in the same class as you, with the exact same issue your having. About 90% of your class is probably going to pass or not pass the class depending on the final. So ask someone to study with you. Whether its that cute guy/girl that sits in front of you, or that complete dork in the back that can tell you everything you need to know. Both are good choices. Now most people would say that asking the cute guy/girl to help you study would only make for a distraction, but I believe otherwise. If you want to impress him/her and take advantage of the situation, you don’t want him/her thinking you’re a complete airhead, so this would only make you study more.

Number 3. Is to take the advice of the professionals. Get a good night sleep before your final. People say it all the time, but most people never listen. They end up going out the night before their final and then have the worst time getting up. Then they freak out because they’re almost late for their final. Not cool.

Number 4. Is on the day of the final accept your fate. If you have done all that you can, don’t worry. And even if you haven’t at this point you can’t do anything. So relax, take a breather, and take your test.

Number 5. Is after all your finals get rid of all your final stress. Now that all your finals are done, there’s no need to worry. If you failed, you cant change it. If you passed, you should celebrate. So get out and have a good time. Summer has arrived.

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