Honors cultural geography students touch on issues of death around the world

Margarette Strong poses next to her poster about high suicide rates in China. (Robert Shoemake)

Katrina Andaya

The honors cultural geography class presented their semester project Geography of Death Posters on Thursday in SSC 212.

Honors cultural geography Professor Maureen Smith instructed the class to research and complete a poster with information on climbing death rates in other countries other than the United States or US Military.

She said that the main aspect was for the students to connect the why to the where; why some people are dying in other parts of the world and not in others. The goal was to connect those two aspects.

“[The project was to] give out knowledge about death going around in the world in the past 10 years,” said cultural geography student Chip Bronsky, 20.

Topics presented included Child Burn Mortality in Tanzania, Malaria in Uganda, Chagas Disease in Bolivia, Famine in Somalia and many more.

The students were very knowledgeable on the topics discussed, which pressed on serious issues affecting different parts of the world that most of us are unaware of.

“I learned a lot about new topics that I was not informed about,” said Saddleback College student Patrick Costa, 21.

This is the third fall honors class to do this Geography of Death project.

Food and beverages were also provided for people attending the poster session.

(Robert Shoemake)

Students gather around to learn about different deaths occurring around the world. (Robert Shoemake)

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