Hit-and-run leaves bus stop in shambles


Ana Castellanos

A 1991 Nissan 240SX was found abandoned on Saddleback’s lawn in between parking lot Nos. 9 and 13 April 6, campus police reported.

An empty bottle of alcohol was found inside the vehicle when the car was discovered later that night, but no suspects have been identified.

“I take the bus to and from school every Tuesday and Thursday night,” said Marelly Samora 18, business. “It really scares me to think that there are drunk drivers coming into the college campus.”

It is unknown if anyone was hurt. There were no reports from Mission hospital connected to the incident and no comments were made from the Mission Viejo police department. It has not been said as to whether or not the bus stop will be replaced.

“I was shocked when I saw the bus stop apart, it looked bad,” said Jason Dwell, 22, business. “Hopefully no one was hurt.”

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