Historical and yummy in Orange

Sarah Komisky

When you’re driving in Orange Circle, keep your eyes peeled. Just one look at Mr. C’s Record Store can cause you to pass one of the circle’s smallest treasures known as “The Filling Station.”

Located on the corner of North Glassell Street, this restaurant holds the comfy quaintness of a small eatery, the nostalgic feel of yesteryears, and an eclectic atmosphere with servers who clearly have an “old soul.”

Besides being cute and cozy, this restaurant also holds a lot of historical significance to the city of Orange. “The Filling Station,” was once the Baker’s Richfield gas station building back in the 1920’s. Now the gas pumps are displayed in the restaurant as a memento of what used to be.

Whether eating inside or outside, you can’t go wrong. Outside, there is a beautiful patio view of the circle. Avoiding the wait for this can be arranged by eating inside. Here you’ll find an area that is partly a dinner atmosphere and another that feels more like a cottage that is decorated with vintage pictures.

It is recommended to come on an empty stomach. Even though this restaurant offers lunch and dinner, breakfast is their specialty. They offer traditional breakfast, but don’t expect IHOP or Denny’s. The Filling station offers a variety of foods that are homemade, hearty, and will satisfy any appetite.

For beverages, customers can enjoy a good old cup of Joe or be ambitious and try their orange-pomegranate juice that is both sweet and tangy.

Torn between the delicious Belgian waffles topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream or savory spinach and swiss cheese omelet, I decided to go with the omelet to try something new. When my order came, I didn’t regret my choice.

Adding avocado to my omelet was a work of art. Loaded with fresh steamed spinach and melted Swiss, each taste was to die for. Along with my omelet, were yummy hash browns that tasted as if they came from grandma’s house. Ordering a side of fresh fruit also proved to be a great choice. Filled with assortedboysenberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, blueberries, and honeydew melon, this was a healthy treat.

Other recommendations are the sweet yogurt parfait, or one of their pastries such as their pies or cakes.

Whether you want to just stop by for breakfast or decide to spend the day at the circle, “The Filling Station,” is a small eatery with extraordinary dishes that will not disappoint.

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