High Textbook Prices leads to alternative methods of purchasing books


Increasing technology and textbook prices have had a great effect on the student body, it comes to question where the majority of students are getting their textbooks.

Different methods include the Saddleback bookstore, which now offers the option of renting textbooks, online stores such as Amazon, or using library resources to avoid purchasing textbooks all together.

Two-year student, Nicholas Ramirez chooses to buy his textbooks at the Saddleback Bookstore.

“The main reason I get my books at the Saddleback bookstore is because it’s the easiest way for me, I don’t have time to wait around for a book to show up at my house,” said Ramirez.

Many other students find the Saddleback Bookstore to be the most convenient way to purchase their textbooks, which is clear on the first week of school with the giant lines inside the bookstore.

“Sometimes I sell my textbooks back, but a lot of times you don’t even get half of what you paid for it so it can get frustrating,” said Ramirez.

Other students find it beneficial to order their textbooks online because of the many discounted prices they offer.

“I like using the Amazon and Chegg apps on my Iphone to buy my textbooks, it’s cool because I can be in class listening to the exact book my professor wants and ordering it is just a click away,” said Naranjo.

Naranjo explains that he has noticed his professors have become more lenient about not having the textbook on the first day of class. They are aware of the online process of buying textbooks.

Students can rationalize that no price can be put on an education and students spend money on less important things such as movies and XBOX live memberships without a second thought. 

Although students who cannot afford to buy textbooks can be forced to take out greater loans or look for scholarships and financial help.

It is a complicated issue which leaves some teachers feeling for the students and some have changed the required text to cheaper textbooks or cutting the required materials all together.

Some college professors are turning to assigning online open-source textbooks, which are essentially digital versions of the books students can access on multiple platforms.

The cost of production for these e books is much lower than the tradition textbook therefore they are cheaper for the students. Technological advances will surely have much more drastic changes on education in the near future. 

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