Hell on heels

Kelsey Avers

To all of the women walking around campus with a grimace of pain on their face because they are wearing a five-inch heel: search for some common sense.

Come on; is it really necessary to wear a shoe that is only going to be sheer torture to your feet? You will be sitting down behind a desk in a classroom for an hour and a half. Is the need to look taller really essential?

There is the line “beauty versus brains” that most people have heard. For some of the girls that are hobbling up the stairs with their legs spread apart in an awkward shape a few inches so they can be as comfortable as possible in those six steps, it seems there are no brains walking up those stairs; just suffering.

I’m pretty sure that boyfriends do not want to listen to their girlfriends complain about their feet hurting all day because they wanted to look good for…who, exactly? That is, of course, if they even have a boyfriend, because their feet are probably dreadfully inflamed and callused from wearing the stilettos all day long, and can’t be that attractive when asking for a foot rub after a long day of work.

I once overheard a young woman on campus say, “These shoes are so uncomfortable; it feels so good to finally sit down. But I paid $345 for them, so I have to wear them.” It is understandable that one would not want to waste an item they paid almost $400 for. But why spend that much on a pair of shoes in the first place? They are shoes that are promoting to the decrease of a woman’s health, and for what, the sake of beauty? That is ridiculous. A pair of shoes that looks just like those is sitting in a box at Payless waiting to be bought for a reasonable price of $15.

Soon enough, a toes that are stuffed and scrunched in uncomfortable high heels for just the sole purpose of walking to and from class are going to pay the consequences.

Women should stope wearing heels before your feet get so used to them that it hurts to walk barefoot on the nice plush carpet that you spent so much money on.

Women spend too much time thinking of ways to sacrifice their health for visual purposes, whether it is plastic surgery or ridiculously high heel. There can’t be too much intelligence in a person that is willing to suffer in silence and risk their physical condition and walk crooked legged all day, just for sex appeal.

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