Halo 4 is back in the fight!

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Steven Jung

It’s true what they say, “Spartans never die; they are just missing in action.”

The new Halo 4 game released Tuesday has plenty of Spartans for players when they play the campaign. Fans will also enjoy the array of new weapons 343 Industries has added as well.

Right from the beginning fans will begin to see Cortana’s deterioration into madness. The story does take a turn into a more personal relationship between Cortana and Master Chief. For the first few levels fans will be solo, but once they link up with UNSC forces they will have friends to play with on the battlefield.

The new enemies, the Prometheans, are unique in different ways for each class of enemy.

There are two kinds of small Prometheans. The dog-looking ones run around a lot and make the players shoot wildly at them since they shoot while moving. If they are in packs then they can annoy the player.

The second small-like Prometheans fly around the knights and in some cases can resurrect them after they have been killed. Most players find this also annoying since they think they killed the enemy and suddenly the same enemy reappears trying to kill them again.

The larger Prometheans, or knights as they are referred to, are a little more difficult to kill.

Once dead however, the player can pick up the Promethean’s weapon. Promethean weapons seem to be more effective against Prometheans compared to the UNSC and covenant weapons.

The game’s story is off though.

According to Halopedia and a quote from Halo 4, mission 2- Requiem; Cortana was created using a flash cloned copy of the famous Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Hasley’s brain.”

Any fan that has played mission 9- “The Package” in Halo: Reach learned that according to Dr. Halsley, Cortana was the custodian of the forerunner facility in the game. This brings to the assumption that Cortana was made by the forerunners, otherwise why was she referred to as the “Latch Key found at Visigrad Relay?”

In Reach the xenon-archeologists find the “latch key” which at the end of the game turns out to be Cortana. So according to Reach and Halo 4 Cortana was both made and found by the humans.

Even though the story is off, the campaign does offer fun in blowing away enemies like the grunts with powerful weapons. If a player has excellent marksmanship, then the player can probably kill a grunt with a single shot.

The health display went back to the Halo 2 HUD where the player has a bar that represents shields and that’s all of the health!

Another noticed annoyance is that the shields do not recharge as quickly when the player is in the middle of a gunfight, whereas in previous games as long as the player is not being shot at, his or her health will recharge.

The game has changed quite a bit but it seems that 343 Industries is trying to get re-in-touch with it’s roots as the feel of the game will bring a player back to the feeling of playing the very first Halo game released back in Nov. 15, 2001.


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http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Halo_4 and personal in-game play from Halo: Reach and Halo 4.

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