Guest artist comes to lecture at Saddleback College

McKenzie Sixt

Award-winning artist, author, and non-profit organization founder Mia Tavonatti will be speaking at Saddleback College on April 14 in Room FA 209.

Tavonatti will be giving an image-based lecture about her work and how artists can be successful without going down the traditional route of galleries.

Travelling and experiencing art in new places is a passion of Tavonatti’s she said in a video interview.

Although her work has been featured in exhibits at the American Museum of Illustration, Tavonatti has a passion for traveling and creating art in new places.

Having been said to “paint with glass,” according to her website, the Artprize 2010 2nd place winner has debuted her mosaic works in Italy, France, Greece and the US.

Italy was the home of Tavonatti’s most recent project Svelata, a series of oil paintings. Svelata also lends its name to her organization to bring creativity to an attainable level for everyone.

The idea behind Tavonatti’s foundation, Svelata, is to “bridge the gap between non-artist and artist by educating society about the true nature of creativity,” according to

Often equated to a spark, creativity, can be put out for many artists. Svelata Inc. works to nurture the creative spark, not extinguish it, Tavonatti said.

Locally, Tavonatti has taught at Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach where she and her students have created five public murals in California.  

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